What is the offer?
VBH will offer 3GB of webspace plus 3GB of Bandwidth to any one that will send us a Pinball machine.
And that is not all.
Knowing how much Pinball Machines are we will also give the donator of the pinball machine a life time subscription to VBH.
What doe's that mean?
It means as long as we are around you will not pay us one cent out of pocket.
The only catch is sending us the pinball machine.
Why do we want a pinball machine?
Well we love pinball machines and the owner has a dream of owning at least one pinball machine!
What are the conditions for the Pinball machine you are wanting?
We don't care if it is a new or used pinball machine, we would like it to be in good working order.
Is there a theme you are looking for?
Yes we would like the RollerCoaster Tycoon pinball machine or one of the Terminator pinball machines.
But would accept any pinball machine that is in working condition.
If you are interested in this offer please let us know by emailing us at:
To give us your name and addres just use the Free Account setup in the Shopping Cart
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So that we can confirm that it is you please put in the package to us your name and address.
If you are interested in this deal I will give the one interested my address for shipping purposes